How can we embrace radical urban greening in the urban metropolis?

Why is biodiversity the key to sustaining our life on earth and why might rewilding provide the best rescue remedy?

How did we end up here? The rising tide that led us to biodiversity loss and the climate emergency.

Working with The Oval Partnership, Wedderburn Transport Planning is using an evidence-based approach to develop context-sensitive forms of Open City Design that are culturally and commercially successful, while providing safe and comfortable access to transit stations.

Patrick Geddes is regarded by many as the father of citizen participation, and is renowned for his theories based on the “autonomous community” and “bottom-up” planning. He pioneered the place-making approach, was founder of the urban conservation movement and originated the phrase, “Think Global, Act Local”.

Feeding granular demographics into our predictive toolset to revitalize neighbourhoods

Digital Placemaking is a term we coined to encompass a set of data-driven processes harnessing place and people data analytics. The endeavor is to craft a toolkit for spotting emerging urban patterns-location intelligence if you will-and to capitalize on them through design and place curation for all to benefit.

Infrastructure never exists in isolation; each is part of a larger system we call the city

Artistic duck tape flooring underneath a flyover in Tin Shui Wai (Very Hong Kong)

Community Arts Thrives in Hong Kong to Heal A Wounded Society

The Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, 1563

What is special about Pieter Bruegel the Elder the is that he used techniques and layouts usually utilized in landscape paintings to depict peasant scenes.

The imperial world-system underwent a reconfiguration: empire, no longer the nation-state writ large, became more fluid, capable of flowing across national borders.

The Oval Partnership

We’re Architects, Urbanists and Designers. We transform cities and create places where you want to be.

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